Optimum Re Inc.

Optimum Re Inc. is a holding company that has been active for more than three decades in the life insurance and reinsurance markets. It groups together subsidiaries with activities in Canada, the United States and in France.  

Life reinsurance

Optimum Reassurance Montreal and Toronto, Canada
Optimum Reassurance, which has offices in Montreal, Toronto and in Barbados is the only Canadian-owned life reinsurance company.

Optimum Re Insurance Company Dallas, United States

Optimum Re Insurance Company is active within the life reinsurance sector in the United States and the Caribbean. The company is headquartered in Dallas (Texas).

Life Insurance

Optimum Vie S.A. Paris, France
Acquired in 1975, Optimum Vie is the only Canadian-owned life insurance company in France.

Financial management

Optimum Gestion financière S.A.
Optimum Gestion Financière S.A. is a mutual fund and portfolio management company located in France.


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Optimum Re Inc.

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