Optimum Asset Management Inc.

Asset Management at Optimum Group

Optimum Asset Management, founded in 1985, manages $7.3 billion of assets in Canada for an Institutional management clientele, consisting mainly of pension funds, foundations, religious orders and insurance companies.

The company also has a private wealth management clientele, consisting of individuals who want their personal or business managed by financial market specialists.

As a fixed-income management leader, Optimum Asset Management offers strategies based on active management, index management, and enhanced index management as well as value-added liability-driven investment strategies.

Its value approach to the management of variable-income securities enables it to offer its clients high-performance products while emphasizing preservation of capital.


Ensure the prosperity and financial security of our clientele thanks to:

  • a high-level expertise and experience;
  • a made-to-measure method that meets each client's specific needs, and rooted in professional ethics;
  • professional development for our team.

While offering profitability and growth to our shareholders.

Ethics and Conformity

At Optimum Asset Management, compliance is ensured by a stringent Code of Ethics that places client interests first, as well as by strict monitoring of its application. The Code sets out the control rules enabling senior management members to :

  • Oversee the opening and administration of client accounts
  • Supervise personnel
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations

All employees and members of the senior management team must read and sign the Code of Ethics each year.

Optimum Asset Management Inc.

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Suite 1620
Montreal (Quebec)
H3A 3G5

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