Optimum Gestion Financière S.A.

Financial Services

The company manages several mutual funds as well as private and institutional assets. Its experienced team of financial managers uses a structured investment process that focuses on capital protection. They work closely with Optimum Asset Management, their sister company based in Montreal.

A value-oriented approach

This extended team's management philosophy is based on a fundamental approach to valuations and capital preservation, which results in a low portfolio turnover rate and a limited number of securities.

Strict governance

The Optimum Group and its affiliated companies have applied very strict governance rules since their foundation. In order to exercise control, the Board of Directors includes independent directors.

Optimum Gestion Financière S.A. clients additionally benefit from personalized service and have easy access to financial managers.

Management Team

Anabelle Blondeau
President General Manager
          Claude Lamonde
Vice-President, Investment
Sébastien Blondeau
Delegate General Manager
    Louis Tremblay
Assistant General Manager and Senior Financial Manager


Optimum Gestion Financière S.A.

94, rue de Courcelles
75008 Paris