Optimum Group Subsidiaries

Our subsidiaries are organized by business sector under four holding companies. These four holdings are overseen by Optimum Group Inc. See Optimum Group Structure

Life reinsurance, life insurance and financial

Optimum Re Inc.

Affiliate companies in this sector have made their mark in Canada, the United States and in France.

Optimum Reassurance Inc.

Montreal, Toronto, CANADA


Optimum Re Insurance Company


Optimum Vie S.A.


Property and casualty insurance

Optimum General Inc.

This holding brings together three property and casualty insurance subsidiaries working with a wide network of brokers across Canada.

Optimum Insurance Company Inc.

Montreal, North Bay,
Toronto, Winnipeg,

Optimum West Insurance Company Inc.

Edmonton, Vancouver, CANADA

Optimum Farm Insurance Inc.

Trois-Rivières, CANADA

Consulting and asset management services

Optimum Holdings Inc.

This holding unites the sectors of consultation and asset management.

Real estate management

Optimum Foncier Inc.

This holding deals with management of Optimum Group real estate assets in Canada, France, the United States and the Caribbean and manages two subsidiaries.

Norbec S.A.S

Normandy, FRANCE

Optimum Caraïbes S.A.S.

Montreal, CANADA