Teamwork is the cornerstone of our success

The success of Optimum Group and its subsidiaries is driven by our exceptionally talented employees and professionals from various fields who have the following in common:

  • talent
  • expertise in their field
  • spirit of commitment
  • sense of innovation
  • desire to achieve.

Our employees give Optimum its distinctive edge through the value of their contribution and the quality of the relationships they develop and build with our clients.

A career with Optimum Group means joining the ranks of a seasoned team, having real impact on company success and having the possibility of extending your field of competence.


A human-scale working environment

Every Optimum Group company boasts a human-scale working environment. That means that with us, you can:

  • have a wider range of job functions
  • contribute directly to the achievement of sector-specific objectives
  • leverage your talent in a cooperative environment.


A team that is committed to giving back to society

At Optimum Group we focus not only on our employees' personal development but also on the betterment of the community. In 2013, the company embarked on a partnership with the Fondation du Dr Julien (FDJ) whose aim is to bring about a positive change in the lives of thousands of children. We encourage our employees to actively contribute to our support of social pediatrics in the community and the Optimum Group management team is rightfully proud of its employees' wholehearted collaboration in this cause.


Career development and training

At Optimum Group we know that offering you the opportunity to fully develop and use your competencies, knowledge and skills is key to job quality.

Professional development allows employees who want to improve their skill set and further their careers to chart their way toward a more rewarding professional future.

Some choose to pursue academic programs, others to participate in special projects related to their fields of expertise.

Read employee testimonials about how Optimum Group has funded training that has allowed them to advance their career.

The professional development management at Optimum follows these objectives:

  • Update and further employee knowledge
  • Increase opportunities for advancement
  • Provide a stimulating environment and opportunities to further employee potential
  • Pave the way for career progressions.


Opportunity to grow, at home and abroad

A career with Optimum Group also entails opportunity for real career progression and mobility.

Optimum Group companies are active in various sectors, offering employees the opportunity to broaden their horizons, to change fields, or even to relocate elsewhere in the country or the world. Read employee testimonials about how the Group has provided them with the opportunity for mobility.


Our benefit programs

Optimum Group wishes to provide employees a pleasant, stimulating working environment that offers them challenges that match their skills, as well as provides them with access to training and professional development opportunities.

We offer a competitive total compensation package adapted to our business environment. To maintain equity of our compensation package, our Human Resources department constantly evaluates the prevailing market remuneration conditions. Our remuneration package includes the following:

  • Group insurance program
  • Pension Plan
  • Discount rates for home insurance and auto insurance coverage
  • Years of service recognition program
  • Professional help referral program
  • Flexible work schedule
  • Discounts on sports activities
  • Reimbursement of tuition for courses, fees for training sessions and professional dues (when relevant to the position).


Our Mission, Vision and Values are inseparable from the Group's identity

Our company's Mission, Vision and Values provide a solid framework for operations and are an integral part of the Optimum brand.

In addition, Optimum Group Values are practised in many different ways within the Group. For example, integrity, thoroughness and risk management are inherent to decision-making processes. Likewise, Employee Focus at Optimum means that we pay special attention to our employees, their expectations and their professional development.     

Career prospects at Optimum

Whether you're an experienced professional or a recent graduate, Optimum Group offers a variety of stimulating and rewarding jobs and opportunities to broaden your skills and horizons. Join us in an environment which promotes professionalism, thoroughness and team work.


Find out about available job openings at Optimum Group

To submit your application, see our list of available positions and click on the job link of your choice. The application process is clearly outlined following the job description.

Please note that all resumes are kept for a period of six months. Only those chosen for an interview will be contacted.

Interested in an advertised position? Or you know someone who could be?

Forward an offer to one of your contacts by selecting the job title and clicking the "Send to a contact" link in the menu bar.

Job openings

To find out about available job openings at Optimum Group and its subsidiaries.



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Employee Testimonials

Steve Boudreault

« Having an MBA allows me to have a better overview of the company and broaden my contribution beyond actuarial services. »

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Sabine Lavillonnière

« My transfer from Paris to Montreal has been a springboard for my career: it has allowed me to evolve, given me new responsibilities and has been great for my development ! »

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Job openings

To find out about available job openings at Optimum Group and its subsidiaries.



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