Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, valeurs

Our company's mission, vision and values guide our employees throughout decision making processes on a daily basis. Though our success is attributable to many factors, these three elements play a key role in our maintaining a solid foundation and ensuring a prosperous future for the company.

Mission : Increase the financial security of our clients

  • through the quality of our products and services
  • through our personalized approach in insurance, life reinsurance, actuarial consulting and asset management
  • through creating value for our business partners and shareholders
  • through ongoing support for the talent and development of every member of our team

Vision : Be an internationally recognized financial institution

Our long-term success is based on:

  • our ability to present solutions that focus on financial security and reflect client demands and business circumstances
  • our capacity to effectively evaluate and seize opportunities, worldwide
  • our team's expertise, creativity and attention to detail


Client focus
We focus our efforts on client satisfaction and creating lasting relationships.

Employee focus
We pay special attention to our employees, their expectations and their professional development.

We expect our employees to demonstrate the high level of professional ethics and behaviour that lives up to the company's commitments, rules and values.

Our most important resource and our capacity to make our mark in the industry depend on the talent, expertise and innovative ability of our team.

Risk management
We make risk management an integral part of all our decisions.

We distinguish ourselves by our attention to detail in every activity and at every level of the organization.

We create value for our shareholders by closely tracking our profitability, to build a firm foundation for the future and guarantee our sustainability.