Corporate Governance

Omnipresent control mechanisms

Management have established sound management strategies, policies and procedures.

As a financial institution, Optimum Group places the greatest importance on thoroughness, meticulous risk management, and strict adherence to set policies and procedures.

Our organization has always followed requirements set forth by financial, regulatory and tax authorities regarding corporate governance.

In order to ensure good governance, the Board of Directors includes of independent outside directors. What's more, management has set up several committees to oversee:       

  • Auditing                      
  • Ethics                                                            rouages
  • Corporate governance
  • Risk management
  • Conformity
  • Human resources

At the beginning of each financial year, governance practices are reevaluated and adjusted so as to further evolve and improve our management and control systems.

Solidly implanted throughout all our sectors of activity, our corporate governance principles and procedures influence our way of doing things and our decision-making processes. Our governance practices support the Group's performance, measured growth and sustainability.