Financial Data

Preserving the financial security of its clients, partners and operations is Optimum Group's top priority. We have made business decisions that have ensured our growth and future here in Canada, as well as internationally.


Gross revenues




Growth in gross revenues is due to greater presence in insurance industry activities and the repositioning of the products and services offering on the French market as well as to the increase in the volume of direct premiums written for property and casualty insurance in Canada.

Premium trend in Canadian dollars




Optimum Group's financial assets as a whole are composed of assets belonging to Canadian, European and American companies and are hence made up of various currencies. The same applies to data on premiums. For the sake of consistency when presenting group asset & premium data tables, we have been converting asset data into Canadian dollars since 2009.

Asset trend




Optimum Group's asset growth is due to the fact that insurance companies have a higher level of capitalization than other types of companies.


Breakdown of employees by region as at March 31st, 2016




More than 500 employees throughout the world contribute to Optimum Group's success. The company operates mainly in Canada, the United States and France.

Breakdown of employees by sector as at March 31st, 2016




Optimum Group

  • Main holding, Head Office

Optimum General Inc.

  • Property and casualty insurance

Optimum Foncier Inc.

  • Real estate management

Optimum Re Inc.

  • Life insurance
  • Life reinsurance

Optimum Holdings Inc.

  • Consulting and asset management

Performance of common shareholders

The average annual shareholder return was 18.5% in 2015, including dividends payed throught the year.

True to its business strategy based on measured growth, Optimum Group has made constant progress
over the past 10 years.

Breakdown of investments by sector for 2015




Capitalization from personal insurance companies explains their high share of assets. Note that approximately two thirds of total assets held by Optimum Group are within Canada.

Breakdown of investments by region for 2015